Prof. Allen Lewis Malisa


Prof. Malisa is the head of the Department of Biological Sciences since 2009. He holds a PhD in Molecular and biotechnology studies.  The staff is responsible for organizing and teaching various biological courses to various undergraduate degree programs, which include, but not limited Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Cell biology and Developmental biology. His research interest has been concentrating on the population genetics of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum and the problem of antimalarial drug resistance in Tanzania. The researches has been designed to address questions about the evolution of drug resistance in P. falciparum in the field using population genetic methods, since emergence and spread of drug resistance has been a major threat to effective malaria treatment.



Sokoine University of Agriculture
Department of Biological Sciences,
Faculty of Science,
Sokoine University of Agriculture
P. O Box 3038
Morogoro, Tanzania


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