Undergraduate Program

We offer Major and Minor programs in Mathematics, Statistics, Informatics, and Computational Sciences. Major programs are largely designed for students who wish to focus on more than one discipline. And Minor Programs are designed to introduce students to a discipline, to complement their Specialist or Major Programs in another discipline.
Admissions: When applying from high school to any of the programs offered by the Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Computational Sciences, you will fill out the Online Application Sokoine University of Agriculture Student Information System (SUASIS) form, and specify “B.Sc. Informatics, B.Sc. Education (Informatics and Mathematics)", or B. Sc Education (Geography and Mathematics). Upon admission you may enroll in our first year courses, many of which are common to our key programs.  Not all courses are to be taken by all students, the option courses are for students who need to have additional knowledge or the courses are pre-requisite in other courses.

Advice to applicants
Factors contributing to a successful application include:
  • Past academic performance;
  • Eagerness for, and realistic grasp of, chosen degree programme according to Tanzania University Commission;
  • Evidence of interpersonal skills and non-academic interests/achievements.
How your application is considered?
All applications are considered on an individual basis once we receive your official SUASIS application form, which includes full details of your qualifications to date, reference from NACTE or NECTA.