The Head of Department welcomes first year

‘’I take this opportunity to welcome all of you who have decided to pursue Physics or Chemistry line of study. Be confident that you are in the right place and you will advance as both young scientists and professionals’’. Said The Head of Department of Chemistry and Physics, Dr. Faith Mabiki.

On Saturday, The Head of Department held the meeting with all first year students pursuing Bachelor of Science degree with Physics or Chemistry as major subjects, She emphasised them on timely registation of courses,self awareness and financial managements.IMG 20201214 WA0004

Dr. Faith Mabiki (Left sitting) and Dr. Hezron Mwakabona (Right sitting) with Physics and Chemistry first year students at the back.

In addition to that,She introduced them to course curriculum and teaching arrangement as planned by the department.

IMG 20201214 WA0018