Tradition medicines for health and better economy

"At the moment, there exist various epidemic and pandemic diseases such as nCOVID-19,thus we have to think and work purposely to protect our society against these diseases" said the Guest of Honour.DSC 0158

Guest of Honour representative from the office of Regional Administrative Sectaretary of Morogoro.

Following the exhibition of tradition medicine at Morogoro general market  on 22nd January 2021, tradition medicines practitioners proved the use of these medicine for better health along with better economy.


This exhibitions is the results of Green Resources Innovations for Livelihood Improvement (GRILI) project accompanied within Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), that encourage the research and use tradition medicine upon combat of variuos forms of diseases.

DSC 0181

GRILI project leader, Dr. Faith Mabiki speaking

"The quality and market of tradition medicine are highly affected by value chain,thus, if stakeholders are working in common platform,we will have quality goods which attact market" said Dr. Faith.

DSC 0197

Tradition medicines practitioner explaining different medicines to the Guest of Honour.

DSC 0274

The former Prime Ministers Hon. Fredrick Sumaye listening the from one of the exhibitors.

For more infomation visit: GRILI PROJECT