Researchers urged to disseminate the results of their work and help develop better policies

Researchers at Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) have been advised to continue to ensure that they allocate funds for the dissemination of research results to reach the target audience and also to contribute to the formulation of national policies or to improve existing ones


Research and Publication Coordinator in the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, Research, Technology Transfer and Consultancy (DPRTC) SUA Prof. Japhet Kashaigili delivering his speech

This was directed by the Coordinator of research and publication from the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, Research, Technology Transfer and Consultancy SUA, Prof. Japhet Kashaigili during the brief closing ceremony of the Capacity Building and Promotion of Evidence Informed Decision Making among Researchers and Policymakers for enhanced evidence use in Tanzania (CREPEE) project on April 8, 2021 at Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education, Mazimbu.

Prof. Kashaigili explained that there are many good studies that have been done by SUA researchers but the contribution has not yet been seen in supporting policy formulation and improvement of existing policies and instead they are only used to award researchers and promotions.

''If you look at for example the issue of dissemination of the results of our research, we often put very little money and sometimes we do not invest in some projects, but this is done without realizing that processing the relevant research results to help find a policy is part of the distribution of those results for the beneficiaries, so not setting a budget means you have nothing to distribute "said Prof. Kashaigili.

He added that at present, it is important for every researcher to understand the key techniques of writing and presenting the results of their research to the target audience, which includes writing in a language that can be easily understood and easily conveyed because most people do not know what is going on at university.

Stakeholders and invited guests who participated in the event following the project details and contributions of the participants in the project

Prof. Kashaigili commended the project leadership for bringing together various university stakeholders and explaining the project's objectives and results and thus helping even other researchers to see what happened and said that this culture should be imitated by other researchers to help inform each other.

Commenting on the event and objectives of the project which was implemented for six months, Project Leader Dr. Faith Mabiki said that the aim of the event was to bring together all stakeholders and inform them of what they were doing because there had been so many studies taking place at the University but one researcher did not know what another researcher was doing and what he had achieved.

The Head of the Project, Dr. Faith Mabiki speaking during the event on the objectives of the event as well as the successes achieved

She said that the objectives of the project were first to see if researchers could contribute to the production of national policies or to improve existing policies to get better policies from the research they do, secondly to create awareness among researchers and policy makers to see the importance of using research results in to generate policy, thirdly is to empower researchers in writing their results in simple language and fourthly is to establish a SUA research processing center that will help collect all research locally and abroad to help to produce policy.

Dr. Mabiki thanked the Vice Chancellor of the Sokoine University of Agriculture Prof. Raphael Chibunda for his significant contribution to the implementation of the objectives of the project especially during the preparation of the debate which took place last year and have great results that are now going to give birth to the largest center in the country.

Head of the Department Policy Planning and Management, Prof. Fatihia Massawe opening the event

Earlier speaking at the opening of the event, the Head of Policy Planning and Management Department in the College of Social Sciences Humanities, Prof. Fatihia Massawe said in order to ensure that what researchers do generates policy they should not rely on one study alone because it will not persuade the policy maker to make a policy but to do more research on different perspectives such as Economics, Social and even Health.

"It is important to be aware that in order to send our policy document, we must ensure that it is full of information, it must touch every area in its entirety or we will continue to be here where we now want every research and every project to produce a policy," said Prof. Fatihia Massawe

She said that the establishment of an international center to process research results to generate policy will go a long way in uniting forces and capabilities together in conducting more research and contributing to the formulation of various national policies.

The project's mentor, Prof. Lusato Kurwijila speaking during the closing ceremony of the project