GRILI Project Inception meeting

GRILI is a unique project that take a multi- and inter-disciplinary approach encompassing relevant stakeholders in Green Resources Products (GRPs)’ value chain. The project involves a unique consortium of five Universities (from Tanzania and Denmark) and two research institutions working on two traditionally used plants as study-objects to research. The inception meeting was held in August 2018 with aim of introducing the project to all stakeholders taking part in the GRPs value/supply in Tanzania in order to allow smooth implementation of the project and dissemination of results for a bigger impact at grass root level. 

The Vive Chancellor of Sokoine University of Agriculture Prof. Raphael T. Chibunda speaking with project stakeholders during the Inception meeting

The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Sokoine University of Agriculture (Prof. Peter Gillah) speaking with project  stakeholders during DANIDA-GRILI Inception meeting

Prof. Alen L. Malisa speaking to Stakeholders during Inception meeting on August 2018 2

 Prof. Alen L. Malisa (Principal of Solomon Mahlangu Collegeof Science and Education) welcoming the participants  during DANIDA-GRILI Project Inception meeting 

 Dr. Mabiki Prof. John

The principal Investigator (Dr. F. P. Mabiki) introducing Prof. John E. Olsen from University of Copenhagen, Denmark to stakeholders 


Dr Paulo Peter Mhame, Assistant Director of Traditional and Alternative Medicine unit in the Ministry of Health, community development, Gender, Elderly and children(MOHCDGEC-ADTM) greeting the stakeholders of the meeting

Dr Paulo Peter Mhame, Assistant Director of Traditional and Alternative Medicine unit in the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children(MOHCDGEC-ADTM) greeting the stakeholders during GRILI Inception  meeting


All stakeholders identified during the reconnaissance survey which covered 7 regions in Tanzania participated during the inception meeting and contributed into focusing the practicability and feasibility of GRILI project. 8 GRPs value chain actors, 7 stakeholders and 4 PhD students recruited on the areas of antimicrobial resistance, analytical/Phytochemistry and GRPs business. Administrative procedures, challenges and opportunities for GRPs business were discussed and way forward suggested by stakeholders.

Despite many opportunities that could enable the economics of the GRPs business contribute to the livelihood of people, major challenges such products quality, formalization and lack marketing strategies were highlighted by the stakeholders. These among other are the challenges which GRILI project is going to research upon.

Photo of Stakeholders during Project Inception meeting

Photo of Stakeholders in the venue during GRILI Project Inception meeting


Group discussion during GRILI inception meeting

Dr. Hamisi Malebo (Right) with other stakeholders discussing during GRILI inception meeting

Photo group of all stakeholders

Stakeholders during DANIDA-GRILI Project Inception meeting held in 2018


Group photo for project members

Discusiing the One of the Study Plant among the project Team (At Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education)