“Communication of science is essential if the public and policymakers are to make informed decisions on issues facing their communities and regions” by DFC

Four Researchers from SUA – DANIDA GRILI project (Dr. Mabiki, F., Prof. Mdegela R., Dr. Makindara, J and Mr. Mwankuna, C) benefitted from the training on how to easily find news stories based on the latest scientific results from Tanzania. Communicating Science to the Public and Policy makers, using the simplest language which could be understood by the community, was mentioned as the best strategy to increase the impact of research results among communities in Tanzania. The training workshop organized by DANIDA Fellowship Centre and COSTECH was held on 3rd June 2019 at Seashells Hotel. During the training, researchers from project funded by DANIDA around the country were trained and Given time to exchange ideas on how they can work together to enhance the communication of the scientific results. It is expected that the capacity built will contribute to effective dissemination of the results of the Projects.


 The COSTECH Director General Dr. Amos Muhunda Nungu welcoming the workshop participants


Some of the GRILI DANDA project team members in the workshop 



sua 11111

 A group of researchers and jornalists discussiing the preparations of scientific articles for public consumption