History of the department

The history of the Department of Education goes back to 2008 when the University decided to launch various Education Degree Programmes in the Faculty of Science currently known as Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education. Initially, it was launched as a prospective department under the Department of Social Sciences. 

At the time of its launching, the department had 7 members of academic staffs. Since this number was not enough to ensure a smooth running of the department, efforts were made to ensure the number of academic staff is increased and their professional development is ensured. Currently therefore, the number of academic members of staffs has increased from 7 to 15.


From the day the department was launched, it has been under the administration of three heads:

  •       Associate Professor A.L. Malisa [2010 - 2011]
  •      Dr. P. Mtoni  [2011 - 2013]
  •       Associate Professor Ernest Kira  [2014 - 2020]
  •       Dr. Benedicto Msangya [2020 - To date]