What we do

As a centre of expertise on secondary education, the programme focuses mainly on educating and professionalizing both pre-service and in-service teachers in education. We are therefore dedicated to providing the highest quality of support to Tanzania’s Government in ensuring professional development of teachers. We are working with educators, policy makers, business leaders, and community based organizations to achieve our mission.

Currently, we are involved in preparing teachers of science subjects who will be specialized in the teaching of two subjects from among the following subjects:

·     Agriculture,

·     Chemistry,

·     Biology,

·     Mathematics

·      ICT, Geography and

·      Mathematics.

 As a department, we are committed to ensure that every student-teacher is oriented on the knowledge teaching. As such, among others, our products must be taught knowledge of:

·         Principles of Education

·         Curriculum Development and Pedagogy,

·         Psychology (Educational psychology, Counselling and Guidance, and Childhood development)

·         School Governance, Administration and Human Resources Management

·         Educational Philosophy,

·         Educational Assessment,

·         Sociology of Education

·         Media and technology in Education

SUA graduates from Education programs have been discharging their responsibilities when employed in both private and public organizations.

SUA Education graduates are employable in Secondary Schools, teacher training colleges, Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE), National Examination Council of Tanzania (NACTE), Tanzania Education Authority (TEA) and Ministry of Education headquarters and in other organizations dealing with Educational issues.


The graduates can pursue Postgraduate Studies in Education or in either subject of their specialization.